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Top 22 Learnings in 2022

By December 31, 2022January 9th, 2023No Comments

In 2022, MTC held 52 Recovery groups. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who joined us over the year. Your presence and contributions are appreciated by many. In our Recovery classes/groups therapy, we learn from one another. By sharing our learnings and realisations we are not only helping ourselves in our Recovery, but many others. Here is a synopsis of the top 22 learnings in 2022.


We invite you to pick out your top 5 that you wish to focus on in 2023 :

  1. The ability to learn to express clearly and creatively can lead us to a deeper level of understanding and self-discovery. It is an important tool for leading a well-balanced life.
  2. Self-discipline in recovery means training ourselves to be firm with ED and let go the condition and make balanced choices in our life.
  3. Real self-worth comes from living a life coherent with your values. It is an inner state- a calmness, a sense of stillness and acceptance of who you are and what you stand for.
  4. Becoming self-disciplined is a core part of mental wellness. It helps us to realise where we procrastinate and where we need to pay more attention.
  5. The Body is part of us. We only have one and it is for life. The more gratitude we practice for our bodies, the happier and more content we are.
  6. ‘I’m not good enough, and nothing I ever do is ever good enough’ is a total negation of self. The entire self has been rejected, and consigned to the scrap heap. It is time to make a change and to start to enjoy being good enough!
  7. People who accept themselves are not over-critical of themselves or others; they are both compassionate and realistic. They look at themselves as they are and strive for a better understanding of what they want to change. We cannot remove a problem until we accept we have one.
  8. Our body wants to communicate with us, we need to accept it as our friend and to take care of it. Your relationship with your body is a relationship for life – it can be a great one if you give it a chance.
  9. We need to ask ourselves what does being healthy actually mean to us? So many of us are striving for this goal but do we even know where we are going?
  10. Self-neglect is a barrier to freedom, Self-care, self respect, self-love is your gateway to Freedom.
  11. When we ruminate about the disappointments and stressors we get stuck in the problem, not the solution. Rumination makes life harder and eventually damages many of our relationships.
  12. Simplicity is the bridge to recovery and it will lead us towards the light.
  13. What we get from life depends as much on our attitude and self-belief, as it does our opportunities.
  14. We create our own heaven and our own hell by how we interpret and react to events.
  15. Letting go of perfectionism will release other abilities we didn’t know we had.
  16. In order to progress in our Recovery we sometimes need to STOP, RE-EVALUATE and MOVE ON. Recovery is all about building bridges and solid foundation.
  17. Resentment keeps us in a rigid judgment of who “should” and “shouldn’t” get or experience certain things in life. The emotion comes from replaying situations over and over in our head without any questioning or learning attached to it.
  18. In order to progress from one level of recovery to another I must consistently act upon self-honesty and not ignore the “real me” thoughts that can distinguish between my Freedom and ED/conditioned choices.
  19. The principle of transformation is that your life changing comes from the inside out.
  20. If you want the world to change, you have to change.
  21. “Some people under value what they are and over value what they are not’”
  22. Recovery doesn’t always need to be hard work. It can be noticing the beauty in the small things around you.


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