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Written by Nicky


“Seeing the sunrise is one of my favourite things to do!  I just love it!”

Now, this is not a sentence, I ever thought I would write or say!  Up until a few years ago, I never, ever thought about the sunrise! Well obviously, I knew the sun rose every morning, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to get out of bed to go to see it!  Like, what would be the point?  Why would I want to or need to do that!?  I was too busy, being busy, doing other things! Ya know, like, overthinking and working and that kind of stuff!  All the stuff I thought was important!  All the stuff I thought would help me feel worthy and productive!  Or else I was too exhausted with all the worry and lack of sleep to even contemplate choosing to get up unless I had to!

But now things are different!  Over the past few years, I have spent some time building a connection with nature!  I like to look at the sky and hear the trees rustling!  I love to hear the birds singing or watch the bees buzzing around the pretty flowers!  But most of all, I like to be by the sea!  And I especially like to be there just as the sun rises in the morning!

Now, the point of this little bit of writing was to share some photos of the sunrise and maybe explain a little bit about why sunrise is so special to me but as I’m sitting here now I not sure I really have the words to do that!  I could tell you about the sound of the birds, who chatter away loudly in great anticipation, their songs getting louder and louder, the closer it comes to sunrise!  I could try to describe to you, how beautiful the colours are in the sky!  Purples, pinks, yellows, oranges and blues to name a few!   The blue sky, the fluffy clouds, constantly changing right in front of my eyes!  Creating pictures so beautiful it seems impossible that they are real!  But they are!

And that all happens before the sun has even made it up above the horizon!!  Oh, and don’t get me started telling you about what happens when the sun finally shows its face in the distance!!  As it peeks over the horizon, the sun’s rays create the most magical reflection on the water!  It’s like a golden pathway leading straight to the sun itself or to some magical land of fairies or something!  All twinkly and bright and beautiful!

Every morning, I decide to go, I witness a different, magical show that fills me with deep joy and immense gratitude!  So much so that, sometimes I feel like I could float and fly just like the birds I see around me!  (I also never thought I would write a sentence like that….. ever in my life!!)  Sunrise is a feast for the senses and has the ability to, bring me more joy, than I ever could have imagined feeling in my life! Sometimes I cry! Other times, I smile! And always, I feel lighter!

And the lightness lasts! It doesn’t disappear once I leave the beach!  I seem to carry it with me in the days that follow, helping me to feel more hopeful than I did before I went there!

Sometimes I go alone but recently my daughter comes too!  She loves it!  I asked her the other day what she liked so much about going to see the sunrise!  She said she loves spending time chatting with me, just the two of us!  She also  said that she liked it because it was amazing and lovely and bright! She went on to say that although she doesn’t really feel like getting up, she is always glad when she does because it is always worth it!

So, I guess I wanted to share these thoughts today, in the hope that, someone reading this might be even a little bit inspired, to make time to see the sunrise too!  I really do believe that my little visits, to see the sun rise over the sea, have had a massive impact on my recovery!  I’m not really sure how to explain it but, one thing I do know is, that no book or podcast or quote or place has ever helped me to feel as free as I often do, sitting there on the beach at dawn! Just me, the sky , the sea and the sun!!

And after spending so many years, feeling like I was in a prison, it is the best feeling in the world!

So, I think I’ll leave you with a question…

“Have you been to see the sunrise recently?”

If not, then why not!?

Go on!  Give it a go!!

Go alone! Bring your dog, your friend or your kids!

As I’m sure, just like me, you will love it too!!