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Stepping into Freedom

By January 31, 2018June 24th, 2022No Comments


Written by Ellen

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but to be honest, I’ve struggled to put into words everything that the past year has taught me and meant to me. There’s no doubt that it’s been the best year of my life, but even that seems too small to encompass everything that 2017 has brought to me. Overall though, there is one word that sums it all up – free. This year I threw off all of the condition leftovers that were still lingering around and fully embraced all that my life could be. I’ve travelled, I’ve done amazing things (hello snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef), I’ve met great people, but mostly I’ve been more me than I’ve ever been before. There were many challenges along the way but I met them all with reassurance and trust that I can handle whatever happens. Safe to say, I’m pretty proud of myself and how far I’ve come since the days I lived in condition.

Here are the main things I have taken away from 2017:

–          Things do not need to perfect (or appear perfect) to enjoy them. Let go of the picture of how things ‘should’ be in                      your head and embrace what actually is around you

–          You are responsible for your own happiness – no other person or thing can create it for you

–          Owning your own choices is one of most empowering things you can do

–          Compassion compassion compassion – this world is not built for recovery

–          Open your eyes to see the beauty in diversity, authenticity and variety

–          The more you know yourself and what you like, the more you will attract people that you genuinely like and want to be                      around

–          Don’t be afraid to say when a person or situation isn’t right for you – you deserve the best

–          Put time into the small things that make you feel good, they add up

–          You are stronger and more capable than you would ever believe

–          Anxiety/panic attacks are just thoughts like anything else, not monsters. You can get through them

–          Some people will get you and some people won’t, no matter who are you or pretend to be. So why not just be yourself?

–          It’s all about what you put in – some of the deepest and most meaningful experiences I’ve had would have looked                        totally ordinary to someone else

–          Try just saying yes, with a sense of curiosity and no expectations. Everything is a learning experience!

–          Judge others by the way they act (especially towards you). If someone looks great but treats you badly, they are not                    worth it

–          Freedom is a choice – it’s not always easy but it’s not complicated. Just do it!

–          Approaching the future with curiosity and reassurance makes a huge difference

–          Condition and I are never ever ever getting back together


2017, you’ve been unreal. Bring on the next one!