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Sensitivity and Your Recovery

By January 24, 2022June 22nd, 2022No Comments



Are you uncomfortable with loud noises?

Do you react to light?

Do other people’s mood affect you?

Do you get easily overwhelmed?

Do you get easily upset by violent movies or TV shows?

Do you become unpleasantly affected when a lot is going around?

Do you dislike changes?

Do you find yourself more reactive than other people?

Are you perceptive?

Are you intuitive?

Are you creative?

Do you have rich imagination?

Are you empathetic?

Are you very passionate?


Most people who suffer from Eating Distress/Eating Disorder are very sensitive, often supersensitive. They absorb the world around them a little differently, a little bit deeper then average person. Unfortunately, they also absorb more negativity and anxiety than the average person. It is their super-absorption, which retrained their mind to think and behave negatively and self-destructively and made them very vulnerable. Very often they are not even aware how sensitive they are until it is pointed out to them. If somebody says something negative to them, they play it over and over in our minds like a broken record. Analysing it lets it further eat away at their self-confidence. Other people would forget the remark after a few moments – they do not. Is this relevant to you?

On the road to Freedom you need to change this type of thinking. The sooner the better. Sensitivity is a gift, but you need to use it to your advantage.

Instead of analysing, who said what and why, try to hear the statements in a positive way – not in a negative one. ‘You look well’ doesn’t mean your weight suddenly changed. It means you’re just looking good, so enjoy the compliment!

Keep this attitude in mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how good you’ll end up feeling about yourself. After all, you always see what you want to see.

How can you use your super-sensitivity to your advantage?

So today look for something beautiful and absorb it as deep is possible!