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Seeing Beauty In The World Can Save Lives

By April 29, 2024No Comments


Some schools of opinion classify Eating Disorders as a slow suicide and I would agree with this statement for many reasons. We hear lots of different statistics about ED, like, “ED has the highest mortality”, and “people are dying from ED“ and so and on.

While this condition is very dangerous, most people are not dying from their behaviours such as not eating or overeating, but they are dying from are taking their own life. This condition has one of the highest suicide rates.


I spent many years in this dark place myself. For a long time, I was carrying a dosage of psychiatric drugs that I hoped would bring me to the end. I was not able to handle living. A few times, I felt I was ready to go, I took the dosage, but it didn’t work. I won’t go into all the details here and now, but my reason for sharing this is to learn from it. I do believe that by learning from one another’s experiences, we can make life easier for one another.


Today, when I look back, I find it so hard to believe that for so long this was my thinking. It still makes me very sad. When I just imagine how wrong I was, how limited and deprived my thinking was.


Today I love life.  I am in the life departure lounge, but I feel I am in VIP lounge. I got a chance to learn about the beauty in the world and today I use that experiences to share and teach others how to react to our thinking differently.

Yes, we are not our thinking, but we do need to call out the BS, the virus in our minds out, with this, we can bring new beautiful flowers into our mind. Our mind is like a garden. Our thinking needs to be like lotus flower. Lotus flower can take from the dirtiest water only what the flower needs to grow. The lotus flower is beautiful, and most people love it.


When I look back, what helped me the most was connection with beauty. For a long time I didn’t understand beauty, actually I was avoiding it as much is possible.

Anywhere I was, I used to write to my father. I didn’t want to upset him, by telling him everything I was experiencing, so I used to describe only beautiful things to him.

I still remember when I was in India I wrote about the lovely colours of the women’s clothes, from China I was describing the children, from Italy I described the way the women had such beautiful style, and I still remember describing in detail an amazing painting in a coffee shop in Perth, Australia.

Focusing on the beauty did not always flow for me, sometimes is felt very hard to do, I wasn’t doing it for myself at the time, I was doing it for him. When I look back, focusing on beautiful things really helped me to get out of very dark place. It moved me from self-consciousness to other consciousness, it moved me towards a light.


Focusing on, and describing the beauty didn’t stop my heavy thinking completely, but it did buy  me a lot of time. Sometimes when you are very low, it feels nearly impossible to see anything else, but when we connect and think about anyone else, anyone important to us, it will help us to be able to see that we are important to this planet.


So please, practice focusing on beautiful things in your life keep sharing them with the people around you. Do not wait, do it now.

Seeing beauty in the world can save lives.