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What is Recovery

By January 6, 2018June 23rd, 2022No Comments

The first step to a successful journey to help someone recover from ED is to expand one’s knowledge of the condition. Not understanding is dangerous. Many people claim to know a lot about this disease, but often they do not understand the recovery process.

Some people put a lot of energy into finding out the reason why a person has ED. This logical thinking reasons that by rectifying the causes, a person will recover. This is in many cases waste of energy. We need to put all our energy into finding out the reasons for recovery. Recovery means learning how to deal with life’s problems in constructive ways without turning to food or starvation. Recovery involves learning how to get more out of life while learning how to balance life with other things like friendships, work, hobbies and interests. Anything that offers hope has the potential to heal. Hope is more powerful than any other therapeutic technique.

Recovery is about making better choices in life. It is important to learn not to be afraid of recovery. Instead, focus on learning how to enjoy the journey to find the real self. Recovery involves letting go of the desire to be rescued and taking responsibility to find out who we are.

Recovery means something else to every person. But in our experience, we found that nearly everybody’s recovery includes the points listed below.


  1. Gaining freedom from food obsession
  2. Gaining freedom from body obsession
  3. Learning to know yourself
  4. Learning to be aware of yourself
  5. Learning to accept yourself
  6. Learning to believe in yourself
  7. Emphasising honesty
  8. Living in the present
  9. Taking care of your physical health
  10. Changing and being open to forming new relationships
  11. Giving to others and learning to receive
  12. Being able to talk about your real feelings
  13. Having clarity of thought
  14. Increasing spirituality
  15. Gaining the ability to have real fun in life
  16. Loving yourself the way you are