Intensive Program


This is one of the facilities offered to clients of Marino Therapy Centre to promote recovery. It is an effective strategy at critical stages of the recovery process for some clients and it is implemented at the behest of the practitioner involved. For some clients it is a necessary intervention tool at the beginning of therapy, for some it can be a tool for finalising recovery and others may find it useful to navigate a difficulty during the recovery process.



Each programme is tailor made for the client using it but generally, it involves the client committing to daily/multiple daily one to one therapy sessions with different practitioners from the Centre’s team.

The team will include those practitioners whose experience can most benefit the client’s particular needs and can include our Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner and nutritional sessions. The programme also requires the client’s participation at group sessions and workshops as thought appropriate by the primary practitioner. Clients are also required to take responsibility for using the intensive programme to make a commitment to their physical health and undertake check ups and implement medical advice as their situation requires.

Intensive programmes vary in length and intensity and though they can be very long term and unbroken, they often consist of two week programmes repeated with one week intervals. The one week interval allows time for reflection between the client and the primary practitioner and reappraisal of the programme so that it is always best serving the clients needs.

Apart from the commitment of the client and practitioner it is equally important that the parents or carers involved with the client commit to the programme and attend any sessions, groups or workshops as requested by the practitioner.

Obviously, engaging in an intensive programme is a big commitment for everyone involved, not only in terms of resources, finances and time but most significantly in terms of the personal investment and courageous commitment of the client. However it is our experience, that with the conscientious co-operation of everyone involved, these programmes are invariable worthwhile.