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“There is Indeed More”

By August 13, 2019June 23rd, 2022No Comments

written by Perfectly Flawed


Thank you condition we had some good times

Days when I was really in-control

Days when I felt superior

Days when I felt almost whole


Thank you condition we had some good times

But the good times never lasted

Nor did they make me feel whole


The momentary euphoria

The short lived sense of achievement

They all lasped and I wondered

‘Is this it?

‘No this can’t be it, surely there has to be more?’

This isn’t it, there is indeed more.


Thank you condition but we had times that weren’t so good

You didn’t like the murmurs of more and you silenced my soul

You were hurt and confused

You were angry and I believed rightly so

So we made a pact and back on the wagon we would go


Around and around we would stay

Repeating patterns in new found ways

Chasing highs and the unobtained

Neither one of us really willingly to let the other go

So the rocky road we entertained

Environments changed and with me you remained


Thank you condition but I’ve been thinking again

And I don’t think this is love

My hearts been heavy and my head gets sore

I think you see it too and I think you will agree

That this was just never meant to be


Thank you condition for the lessons

And misguided love

It’s time to part and that makes me scared

I won’t forget you and I won’t berate you

And I hope that at peace we will be

Theres a life waiting for me but it’s a life that in you can no longer be.