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Owning It

By February 20, 2021June 27th, 2022No Comments





Written by Ciara O


The last while, the last few sessions have made me realise the importance of totally committing to FREEDOM. Sounds simple. It is simple. Actions and tools helped me in recovery, but very often the decision to put ‘my two feet’ into what I was doing was the glue. It was that blind faith and trust in the people leading me, in what they were suggesting and myself. I was fully in.

As I honestly look at where I am now, I can see one foot in the drama, and one in the FREEDOM. I may not have chosen it, however I do have a choice with what I do with it.  This is my one wild, beautiful, adventure filled, love filled, life. How do want to live it? Do I want to spend it constantly bettering myself afraid to just be? What really nourishes me? What do I enjoy doing? Who do I enjoy spending time with?

I’ve spent the last few days saying yes and no to different things and doing what I want.

I’ve stopped to admire the view from where I am, and to give myself a pat on the back for how far I’ve come, who I’ve become, and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

I’ve decided to just enjoy living my life as it is.

I’m focusing on me and letting other people worry about themselves. If it’s not about me, its none of my business. I could write endlessly on worry, but I have learnt it’s not a way to show love.

I had a look at what freedom is to me again, taking off the expectations. Life is so many things and that’s the beauty of it.

I’m trusting. It’s feels weird. I never knew a free moment in my whole life growing up, but I do trust the people who have got me to this point. I’m trusting them and myself.

I’m reminding and minding myself.

I know life isn’t a competition or a race, but always grateful to be reminded to get off the track and STOP and to stay in my own lane.

I’m remembering what surf has taught me

1) keep your head up, focus on where you want to go and smile 😊

2) We never stop learning, unlearning and relearning so enjoy the process.

3)Its meant to be fun and simple.

4)Keep on paddling! Past the inside section and tired arms, wait some beautiful waves 😊 it is worth it!

5) learn to laugh at yourself when you fall off. The ‘best’ waves and the ‘worst’ waves  are both teachers and entertaining stories. Enjoy both and focus on the next wave or set. Be present in what the moment and the ocean gives you.

6)work with the ocean not against it.


Im choosing to trust the wave of life.

Ciara O