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Films And Your Recovery

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Many people do not realise that watching a lot of films can be a great help in their Recovery.

It sound so easy, how it can be so helpful?

We know that the Recovery journey is not an easy process, but it is important that we look  for different ways to make it more interesting for ourselves. Sometimes the simpler things can have the biggest positive affect on us, and watching films is one of them.

Even Aristotle, theorized that plays have the capacity to purify the spirit and aid us in coping with those aspects of life that cannot be reconciled by rational thought. Applying this concept to the 21st  century is using films in Recovery.

Films draw us into the viewing experience and at the same time, more easily than in real life, offer a unique opportunity to retain a perspective outside the experience. As observing helps us to “step back”, the bigger picture becomes more obvious. We develop a skill to see ourselves and the world more objectively, with less of our habitual rigid, judgmental, or emotional filtering.

Films can connect us to the characters and plots-furnishing role models, providing inspiration and hope, and offering new solutions to old problems. They assure us that we are not alone, that others have experienced hardship and triumphed

Many of you are familiar with the theory of seven different ‘intelligences’. The more of these intelligences we access, the faster we learn because they employ different methods of information processing. Watching films can engage all seven of them: the logical (plot), the linguistic (dialogs), the visual-spatial (pictures, colours, symbols), the musical (sounds and music), the interpersonal (storytelling), the kinesthetic (moving), and the intra-psychic (inner guidance).

Every film has some impact on us. Films are not good or bad, I do not like the word ‘Film Critic’. I think every film can play some role, we either like it or not like it but it can definitely help us learn to have an opinion.

Films can be a powerful tool in our healing, they can help us to get in touch with our emotions on a deeper level, they can help us learn to understand ourselves and others more. Films can bring us new inspiration and develop our personal growth and self-discovery.

It is a great exercise and helps in improving our conscious awareness . We learn how to laugh more. We learn that crying is very healing,  and we feel much better after  because neurotransmitters in tears release emotional stress.

Films are one of the best way how to improve our communication with people, we can watch films with friends, with family members, with children and enjoy discussing them. Films can be endless topics in our conversations.

Our lives are like a film, we are the directors, the actors and the script writers, watching more of these will help us to make our own story even richer and full of life.

Let’s start to enjoy the movies…


Some suggestions…


Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

This film will get you thinking about the way we deal with our feeling, lovely story….





Biographical film about the life of Canadian artist Maud Lewis. This film offers lots of learning, especial about human strength.


Victoria & Abdul

If you would like a good laugh or to think about some deeper matters, this film offers it all. Victoria & Abdul is a very easy to watch film and very enjoyable as well. One of these films what make you to appreciate how times changed.




I saw a wonderful film last night on Netflix. It’s about a little family who travel the world over a year. The film is narrated by a 6 year old, and you get to see the world through the eyes of a child.
It’s got no: drama, action, guns, sex, tragedy and or talk about size.
It does have: wonder, colour, calmness, life lessons, surfing, fishing, different cultures, camping, family, childbirth and babies.
I still find it a tad challenging to commit my time to a film as I’m “so busy” with so much to do in my important hamster wheel of busy-ness (lol), but I loved this. It slowed me right down.
Also, it motivated me to prioritise my fertility as I got very itchy for motherhood when I saw it.
Would love to hear what other people think! I put the trailer below 🙂




This Beautiful Fantastic

If you need a little cheering up, this film is for you. Beautifully done film about life, friendships and people’s differences.

Hope you will enjoy it:)




Tuesdays With Morrie

Inspirational film, based on true story about life, mentoring and learning. Make sure you have your notebook beside for all the quotes of wisdom.



The Promise

This film is set in Turkey during the last days of the Ottoman Empire. It is a story of young Armenian people during very challenging time. Main character medical student Michael is played by Oscar Isaac, beautiful dance instructor Ann by Charlotte Le Bon and American journalist by Chris by Christian Bale. The Promise is a powerful and very interesting story about love, war hope and much more.

More updates from Busy Bee on this link:



Of Gods and Men

Very inspirational and moving French drama directed by Xavier Beauvois. Film is based on trues story of Trappist monks living among Muslim population in Algeria during civil war.




Very interesting, easy to watch film about a very gifted girl Mary, raised by her uncle Frank.



The Zookeeper’s Wife

Beautiful film based on story of Dr. Jan Zabinski and his wife Antonia, who saved a hundreds of lives during war times. Beautiful story about courage and humanity.



Hidden Figures

Very inspirational film, about courage and determination. Film is based on a true story. After watching this film you will feel like anything is possible.


Good Will Hunting

This film nicely explores life, values and what is really important in the journey of discovery that we are all on. It stars Matt Damon as Will Hunting and Robin Williams plays the role of his mentor. I recommend you have a notebook beside you to take down some wonderful quotes that are featured in this film full of wisdom, fun, seriousness and laughter, in my opinion this film as it all.



Inside Out 

Inside out is a wonderful, colourful film that I would definitely recommend anyone at any stage of Recovery to watch. The film explores the goings on in a little girls conscious and subconscious mind as she is growing up and going through changes. It nice and clearly simplifies how are thoughts give way to our feelings and then create our behaviours. I would recommend everyone to watch this film. Recovery can be quite challenging for people with personal experiences and carers and sometimes it is challenging to understand some of the distorted thinking patterns that can emerge as a result of conditioned thinking.