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Mind Your Body You’ve Only Got One

By August 13, 2019June 24th, 2022No Comments




Written by Fern


I have been quiet unwell recently and stressed over it and due to conditions outside my control, my nutrition is not being met. I suppose maybe because I’m at a different phase in my life, I am more awake so I notice, feel things now rather than nothing. What I’ve noticed is that my thinking is fast, overthinking, overanalysing, doubts and I am down, drained. Having no nourishment has increased my anxiety, my thoughts, and the cold, I’m drained. My moods low, I’m edgy, I’m really emotional.

How I survived years of this is beyond me. At the same time I sense my mine playing games and in ways I am playing the role of an observer realizing what bulls***t it all is.

And other hand I have to step in and say Stop. Its at this time I am writing and reading tips and feeding the part of my core that needs good vibes. It’s really vital for me to realize this is temporary and it will pass with time yes but also action.

Sometimes you go through life feeling invincible, untouchable, you hear of consequences of a life with an ED and you think ya ya that’s not gonna happen to me. I guess my reason for this post is a, to highlight what a malnourished body is like for someone who feels more real and b, to highlight to people to get support, help and don’t be afraid to tell someone your suffering in silence.

Don’t go around feeling invincible, you’ll get no reward for it.

Be kind to yourself and seek help/support. I know I’ll be fine, it’s just not nice at the moment and the most powerful words are “This too shall Pass”