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What it means to me to feel recovered?

By November 15, 2018June 27th, 2022No Comments



Written by Lisa

What it means to me to feel recovered?

It means I know who I am.


It’s like I’ve grown a friend inside of me, but they’ve been here all along.

Only now a yellow light has flooded through my body and illuminated them,

Shown me that they’re someone I want to support,

To care for,

Someone who I know and I love and I accept with all my heart.

Someone who I get.


The light has spilled into my organs,

It’s flowing through my veins

And down into my fingertips.

So I can see them

Appreciate the job they do

And the part of me they make up.


Now that I can see

There’s nothing in me that scares me anymore. 🙂


Lisa 💜