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Are you lonely in your Ivory Tower?

By October 11, 2016June 23rd, 2022No Comments

When we are suffering from an Eating Distress it can often feel like we have nicely woven ourselves into a safe little cocoon of rules, rigidity & routines. These can stem into many areas of our life. How we nourish, who we speak with, how we spend our time, right to the very 60th second of that minute. Many of us have spent a lot of time weaving this tight cocoon, it can feel cosy at first, but what feels “safe & cushy” to us, is often suffocation to the rational world around us. A very different story than the one condition has created in our heads. Some of us build beautiful ivory towers, and try convince ourselves that we will come down when we are ready. But the reality is that we are lonely. We are scared. The condition scares us : “What if they don’t approve? What if they reject us? What if “the plan” doesn’t go to plan?”

If this sounds familiar here are some questions to ask yourself today:

Have I certain rituals and routines that make me feel “safe”?

What would happen if these routines were to change?

Am I wrapped in a cocoon or trapped in an Ivory Tower?

Am I afraid to be seen?

Does the idea of rejection or disapproval scare me?

Am I in control or being controlled?

What can I do today to allow myself to break free and live a life of authenticity?


“Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?” – Rumi

Breaking free, or not, is usually determined by whether you want to get somewhere slowly or nowhere fast” – Tonya Hurley