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Lesson From The Trees

By May 16, 2019June 23rd, 2022No Comments




A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.

George Nakashima


You can’t have the fruits without the roots

Stephen Covey


Storms make trees take deeper roots.



I love different programs about Nature. While ago I was watching program about hurricanes, they are getting stronger and stronger and hardly anything can survive them.

But there is always hope.  Recently scientists discovered that Tabonuco trees in Caribbean can survive even the strongest hurricanes.

Where does their strength come from?

Do you want to know their secret?

These trees have strong root interconnection.

Root intertwining between trees increases their support and stability. Up to 20 to 30 threes are connected

I always believed that we could learn a lot from the Nature, we can learn a lot from these Tabonuco trees as well.

We live in times of when we are being constantly bombarded by hurricanes of advertisements, selling us perfection and ideals.

So many pressures from everywhere…

Many advertisements are constantly telling us that we are not good enough, especially lately there are so many pressures on how we should look, how to behave, how live, …all this is subtlety shaking our stability and creating different mental condition, Eating Distress/Eating Disorders are one of them.

If we learn from the surviving mechanism of these trees and learn to interconnect and to get stability from our roots, we can survive as well.

Recently I was on a community meeting. Developers are trying to control area where we live. Cutting down trees and telling us that their plan will be good for us. The main reason I am mentioning this ai that on this meeting our community was so connected, you could feel it in the air. People were reassuring one another, sharing and encouraging.  You can really see that sometimes stressful and very challenging situations can connect us or divide us. In our case, it was amazing to see how people were supporting one an another.

Yes, we are part of nature. Nature have lots of lessons and answers for us, often more than we realized or would like to listen to. One of these lessons is – we need connection, we need one another.

Starting to connect, learning from one another, we can get back feeling belonging, we can get back our strength and stability and we can survive any storms of our modern society.

Let’s learn from our trees and start connecting…