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Journey Of Hope & Recovery

By January 26, 2024No Comments


Written by Freedom Fighter 


Journey of Hope & Recovery


Every day for as long as I can remember, I have hidden him.

I barely spotted it when he was almost completely gone.

He has been kept silent and become a self-destructing animal.

I saw him briefly, through a new crack in his armour.

He was alone and curled up in the foetal position overrun by nettles.

We share the same heart, but I don’t even hear him when he thinks out loud.

I wear his smile with empty darkness.

But he is still alive, his systems are stung and all awry.  He is being revived and he can have the words right from my mouth.  With his words, I will learn how to cut the darkness out of me.

It will take time, but we will hear his words again.  Our heart beats will align.

He, I am with you now, speak our name.

We will hear ourselves again.


Freedom Fighter