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If I Had My Recovery Again

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By Fairy Cake

1.)Go to EVERY SINGLE session. Consult with a main therapist have her/him set up a treatment plan for you & make sure you go to every single session recommended

Don’t take breaks – Don’t plan to go in the new year or to make an appointment next week
Don’t listen to the voice that says “I’m too tired to go, it’s not making any difference, I’ll make up for it again next week”

2.) For as long as you need to – Go to every group.
If you don’t go one week, that will lead to two weeks, then three. When you get a momentum going & a routine in place it’s easy to keep doing it, but if you stop it gets harder to summon up the energy to start going again. In group you will always learn something or you will be reminded, It is a catalyst, you will be inspired, motivated. It will keep you on track. Everyone is there because they want to achieve a common goal
Take advantage of listening to the learnings of others – it will save you years in finding our for yourself & can teach you just as much as a dozen books

3.) TRUST your therapists: If they give you advice – try it out. You’ll probably end up doing it years later anyway. I was one of these people who did things in my own time (it took me a long time to build up to implementing the advice I was getting.) Looking back I would have saved time by acting faster –I got there in the end – but it’s an important lesson.

Remember the therapists have done the journey of recovery already, they know how to recover. Your journey is different but the lessons are the same. They have the knowledge, take advantage of it

4)Eliminate any obstacles to recovery:
These are things that are in your environment that feed the negativity of the condition.

5.) Thinking => feeling => Behaviour     It all starts with the thinking   Old negative patterns of thinking are very ingrained   Pick affirmations that feel good to you & keep saying them until you believe them
Repeated affirmations become new beliefs

6.)Don’t compare: Focus on you. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing Everyone is different Everyone is unique. When you embrace your individuality – you allow others to shine in their uniqueness too

7.)Use your senses. Get a camera & take photos of every beautiful thing you see.
If helps you focus & it helps you REMEMBER

    It gets hard to leave & fear can start to take advantage of you

A person you admire for their strength, courage, freedom to be themselves, for their opinions, for their sense of truth, for their talents
Pick people who are real inspirations to you – every time you encounter negative role models remember the inspiring ones & stay focused on what’s really important to you

They are great for hugs, for showing us how to care for someone – good company.
Studies have shown pet owners get sick less & live longer than non-pet owners
It’s if the animal can’t always live with you. My own dog has made such a difference in my life

11.) If you have good, positive, loyal, accepting friends – don’t let the condition keep you away from them.
Your friends will allow you to hear about life. These stories are hard to hear because they show you what you are missing out on But it’s good that you deal with that feeling because it makes the condition uncomfortable & that makes you question it. It makes you realise you don’t want it. It makes you see you are missing out. You hear things that inspire you, that make you feel jealous, frustrated, hard done by. The condition gets challenged.
You hear things that make you think, you learn to voice your opinon, to interact & socialise, to have a relationship – it takes you out of ED & into the world.
WHEN you recover you’ll be grateful you didn’t lose them

Recovery isn’t always easy but you can make it as fun as you can
Find out what you love & do as much of it as you can

13.) Dispel food myths
Get proper education. Bring your questions to your Nutritional Practitioner.
When diet products were introduced that is when obesity increased
Many diet products are designed to make you hungry, to give you cravings, to make you feel dissatisfied, to mess with your blood sugar. They are financially motivated products.
If diets worked there wouldn’t be millions of them. There would be just one. A diet would only need to be done once. Studies have shown people who diet are always struggling with weight
So find out proper information
There is no need to be afraid of food
It’s all about balance, about listening to your body, about self-care, about responding to your signals with nourishment that allows you to have a full life.
It’s about realising your value, your worth

14.) JUST DO IT!!!!
If I could go back I wouldn’t wait. If there’s something you want to do, don’t let the ED hold you back – it you don’t just do it – it won’t happen at all
Time passes anyway – it’s up to you what you want to have to look back on.

It shortens the length of time you are dealing with the condition
It ups your chances of success
It gives you a good night’s rest – nights can be lonely & times for rumination & over thinking – it’s not a good time to be doing any of these things when you’re tired.

When you are trying to deal with things when you are tired the condition takes advantage
You’re less on top of your game, your less able to challenge negative thinking, when you are sleepy your sub-conscious is more susceptible to suggestion, your mind is more illogical

Give yourself a good rest & an advantage the next morning with an early start
If the day is tough, keep reminding yourself it’s ok I’ll be in bed at XXpm – I can last till then. If the day is very tough – go to bed earlier – stop the thinking!!! Things look better in the morning & you’ll feel self-satisfied

16.) Do recovery for TODAY only. Never promise yourself beyond today. Just keep telling yourself I can do this for one day, it’s only one day. I can do the condition all I like tomorrow.

Do you know how important one day is, even though it seems tiny?
Do recovery for today & let everything else take care of itself

17.) Choose to be stubborn about recovery
You will recover & there is just no way you won’t

The more excuses you make – the more reasons you will have to deprive yourself of Recovery
It is a simple formula
The more you put into it – the more you get out of it
If you do the work – you get the results. Be compassionate but firm!!

I did it – you can do it – you deserve it!!!

Fairy Cake – Recovered

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