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By April 10, 2017June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Written by CiCi

I will start with what I learn’t from group on Tuesday night and whilst I know the topic was ‘Order and Organisation’ (more personal reflection needed before I share my thoughts on that, although balance is the word that springs to mind for me, being in balance, coming out of balance, in order to come into a new form of balance again and so on….) it will be off topic again as it was for me last Tuesday night. Towards the end of group some classmates were saying that they regretted not recovering sooner and I have gone through this feeling at different times along my recovery journey so i totally understand but as i was thinking about this, what popped into my head was: ” At least I do not regret being in Recovery and on the Recovery journey :)))” So big kudos for that and for the lovely realization.

Thinking about last Tuesday night and what I would like to share about group apart from my realization, brought me to the tittle of this piece ‘I LOVE GROUP’, that’s not to say its been plain sailing attending groups especially at the start and the two years of paranoia about my sharing,s and the fear of what would come up for me and how I would handle things, because I experienced all this too but of late every time I get to group I feel like I’ve come home again, to myself.

Classmates inspire me with their honesty and courage in their sharing. I hear my own challenges coming out of my lovely classmates mouths and I think, I know that feeling, I know that thought, thanks for sharing because I didn’t have the words or courage to put it out there and sometimes I think I will be brave, human and honest too now and share because it helps so much not to be alone and to realize that as human beings we are all going through or have gone through similar challenges and having come from a very strong conditioned mindset myself, I can always relate.

What I LOVE most is coming away from group and knowing that I can do this, or at least I can keep coming back till I know I can do this, I have renewed hope, I have tools and techniques now that I can try, I have other peoples stories about overcoming challenges to fuel me, small simple daily steps to help me on this road to freedom and people to support me every step of the way.
I now believe Recovery/Freedom is possible for everyone if we choose it and group helps make that possibility a reality

P>S Im working on simplicity but for now its all heartfelt xx
CiCi (a grateful classmate)