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Hope Is Always There

By March 22, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments


Many years ago when I was in the depth of my ED and nearly gave up on my recovery I wrote this poem. I still remember this moment when I could not sleep, could not see any light only darkness I too a pen and paper and start to write. It is not a famous work, but it helped me a lot that time. If you feel like nothing else can help, just repeat the word ‘Hope’ until you will be able to see it. It will come to you eventually, it is there waiting to be discovered.


I went to bed with it,

And that allowed me to look forward to tomorrow.

I built up my life with it,

And waited for it to happen.

It helped me to get over everything,

To do it, to survive, to succeed.

It kept the smile on my lips

And the glow in my heart, when times were tough.

Something which I could not touch,

But I knew it would never die.
It helped me to see the way,

That the world can be beautiful and wonderful.

It helped me to forget the past and start again.

It was my drug, I could not do without it,

And even now I am still full of it.

It was my hope.