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Freedom and Obstacles

By August 15, 2016June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Written by Una

Freedom is inside each of us. It Is a bright, light, kind, and free attitude.

Obstacles are also inside us. They are thought patterns formed by comparing, criticism, and resentment. Obstacles were created by us and can be changed by us. Obstacles disintegrate in the energy of a good laugh or a focus on self-care. Reading and reflecting on positive material such as ‘Recovery Now’ every day transforms obstacles and releases energy for going out and enjoying life .

Simply – Freedom is inside us and obstacles are inside us.

Freedom is a constant. It rests like a ball of light deep inside. In condition this light  is surrounded by dark clouds.

Ironically the dark clouds are simply harmless illusions. Yet these same  dark clouds can impair vision, distort our interpretation of situations, obscure love and lead to terrified reactions and the false promises of behaviours ( behaviors just lead to a poor weather forecast -thickening cloud mass on the horizon)

The journey to freedom is through the clouds. They look threatening – I know the feeling – each cloud I looked at seemed to be the darkest and most dense of them all. However when you have guidance and compassion  from at least one person who knows the way. You can face the darkest of frightening clouds and keep going to freedom. (Everyone requires the hand of a free person to lead them and show them the way) I really believed that every dark cloud I was encouraged to open my eyes to and observe would hurt me. It never did. When I faced cloud after cloud I started to notice a pattern. As soon as I opened up to facing my challenges (one at a time) and seeing things from a clearer perspective the resistance eased. The clouds started to disperse and the fresh view would take my breath away. From each new vantage point I wondered what I had been  afraid of?  The emerging answer is that I was scaring myself with psychological thrillers, and horror stories written and directed by myself.

Life happens one day at a time. External situations can only mar my mood if I give them permission. It’s our inner world that creates contentment. We can try to change and perfect the external world or learn to accept it from a place of inner peace.

Fear can turn to exhilaration and clouds transform to a sun haze when you walk out into the weather with a gentle reassuring squeeze of someone’s confident hand in yours. Trusting and appreciating that you are on an intriguing journey to a marvellous place……