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Four Levels of Recovery

By June 12, 2016June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Emotional level

A person learns to get in touch with their feelings and starts to express them appropriately. It is a stage of setting appropriate boundaries with people and relate to people in a close and intimate way. 

Physical level

A person learns to feel comfortable with his/her body. Health and wellbeing will become important values. A person starts to enjoy and to be proud of their sexuality. By dwelling on the physical aspects a sufferer cannot change and develop as a valuable human being, it will set them up only to fail. A person may not be able to give up their behaviour until they learn to deal with stressful situations.

Mental level

A sufferer builds a belief system to support and work for him /her. Learn to use his/her intellect to express clearly. They become open to new ideas. Most people with emotional distress appear to be very bright. Because of the energy they use in their condition they don’t use enough in their intellectual pursuit.

Spiritual level

A person learns to discover his or her own worth. He/she feels connected to their spiritual source. They learn to spend time quiet and alone just ‘being’, and to make connections and build up a relationship with their inner wisdom. When they get in touch with the spiritual aspects of themselves, it will help them to overcome their distress.