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Monthly Reflection Sessions

MTC Monthly Reflection Sessions

We are delighted to launch our Monthly Reflection Group Sessions starting on Tuesday 28th May 2024. On the last Tuesday of every month, whether you have personal experiences, or caring for someone on this journey, you will have the opportunity to carve out time and energy to dedicate to your Freedom/Recovery work. From over 30 years experience, we have seen the powerful impact that reflecting and connecting can have on a person’s recovery. Each Monthly Reflection Session will be facilitated by either Marie Campion (author of “Hope – Understanding Eating Disorders”) or Jacqueline Campion Banks (Creator and Host of Recovery podcast “Calling It Out”).

Our Monthly Reflection Session will run online, meaning you can log in and learn about full recovery from an Eating Disorder /Distress, from anywhere in the world. These sessions will provide you with the space to learn about how to free yourself from this all consuming condition, and start living a life of contentment. When we are experiencing ED, we can often feel shame and loneliness, our Reflection Sessions are an opportunity to see you are never alone on this journey, and that full recovery is possible.

There is never any pressure for you to share. Anybody willing to learn, including family members or friends, are welcome to come along and join us on what could be a very exciting, and enjoyable journey.

MTC Monthly Reflection Sessions will run on the last Tuesday of every month, starting Tuesday 28th May 7.30pm – 9.00pm (GMT)

In order to buy your ticket, select the date from the calendar below, and you will be issued a Zoom link prior to our session.

We are very excited to come together to connect, reflect, adapt, and transform this obstacle into an incredible opportunity for Freedom.

MTC Team

Dealing with Suicide, Self Harm & Eating Disorders in the School Environment

via Zoom

Marino Therapy Centre will again be running their training day for Guidance Counsellors & Teachers, on Monday 18th September 2023.
With over 30 years experience teaching people and professionals how to achieve freedom from many types of Emotional Distress, including Self Harm, Suicide, Eating Disorder/Distress and various OCDs, this unique one day workshop aims to have each attendee feeling equipped and competent when they are faced with such challenges in the school environment.

Get Tickets €120.00