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How to Embrace Enthusiasm in Recovery

By April 6, 2024May 5th, 2024No Comments



Many of us can relate to the fact that Recovered  fromEating Distress/Eating Disorder is something we all want to be, but Recovery isn’t always something we want to do.

On our journey to Freedom, it can often be quite challenging to stay enthusiastic about the process, but the secret is, the more enthusiasm we have for Recovery, the quicker we can get to Full Freedom 🙂

Here are some simple tips:

  • Being yourself, find what fulfils you, look to others and what fulfils them. Learn from them but don’t try to be them. We will always come away empty handed…..


  • What’s dragging you down? The title to become more enthusiastic drew you in, therefore the realisation may be that; “I could do with more enthusiasm”. Find out what you feel is crippling your enthusiasm in order to banish it. What is holding me back? Fear? Worry? Lack of Hope? Lack of Belief?


  • Just because something is tough does not mean it is not doable. Recovery can often be a challenging journey, but focusing on this thought will not make it any easier, challenging times can often lead us to greater inner growth and strength. Change the focus to  “this can be done” 🙂 Sometimes our way of thinking is our only obstacle


  • Set yourself goals. Short term and long term. When we have a focus we have more clarity on where we want to be and how we can get there. Clarity brings progression. Focus on your action and plenty of self credit for the choices you make out of the love of recovery rather the fear of life.


  • Look to the world around you to look for what excites others, become curious about alternative topics and activities to explore your passions. We often feel the world around us is condition, but when we open our eyes we can see alot of Freedom that surrounds us


  • Practice makes it easier.  ‘Fake it until you Become’. We are often conditioned to feel fed up about life and our future, this mindset only encourages hopelessness. We need to tap into our ability to actually be enthusiastic, it is not about being fake, but when you practice this, although unnatural at first, you begin to shift the focus away from condition and onto Hope and Enthusiasm

Make a list of all the positive outcomes that could occur if you embraced your Enthusiasm for Recovery today.

What part of Recovery would you like to be more Enthusiastic about?