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Easter And Recovery

By March 29, 2022May 1st, 2024No Comments


Many children, this Easter, will be having great fun enjoying an egg hunt.

Are you willing to have some fun this Easter?

From history we know that the egg at Easter is a symbol of new life. This custom of egg hunts can be traced back to the 15th century. Recovery, in many ways, can be like an Egg Hunt.  Except it takes a bit longer than one weekend.

Starting off initially with a simple clue, we are guided step by step closer and closer to the golden prize – Full Freedom.

In our hunt for Freedom we often have to crack some clues and break through some personal barriers.


In ED recovery our prize is Freedom, Freedom from food obsessions, Freedom from body obsession and Freedom being YOU. This is the best price you can win.

Easter is symbolic of new beginnings, new starts, sometimes even in our egg hunting we need to start again and learn to be patient, but it is worth it.


What clues and directions to Freedom have you found so far?

Which clues do you find challenging to understand?

What condition riddles and codes are you finding challenging to crack?

What personal barriers do you need to break through to get to the Golden Prize?

How can you make your Recovery this Easter more interesting?


I love this quote from American Writer S.D. Gordon:

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. ”

Hope this time of the year will be for all of you a new life, new step in Recovery, new beginning and much more….

Let’s have this Easter full of new motivation, new Hope and new energy, full of bright colours of self-discovery.

I hope everyone will have a lovely, condition-free time.

Happy Easter