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Do We Need To Change Our Attitude Towards Recovery?

By February 13, 2021June 23rd, 2022No Comments




Written by Aoife

What comes up for you?


Do you like learning?

Do you like sharing experiences?

Do you like listening?

Do you like to connect?

Do you like to hear inspirational stories?

Do you want to be part of a tribe?

Do you want a safe space where you can share not only your victories but your vulnerabilities too?

Do you want to prioritise time for you?

Do you want to feel motivated?

Do you want to experience optimism?

Do you want to learn the language of Freedom?

(Ignore that this sounds like a dodgy advertisement on Instagram for some self- help quick fix programme)

I say YES to all of the above. And that is why I attend Marino groups twice a week. Just like my partner watches soccer twice a week – it’s as simple as that with no room for judgement or doubt.

I love coming to group. It keeps me sane and provides structure and meaning in my life, especially during this Pandemic! I don’t think about time or how long it is taking as I am simply enjoying the journey (most of the time and when I am not, I am usually learning something on a deeper level which initially causes some discomfort).

Recovering from ED doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret! We don’t need to carry the shame, embarrassment, guilt or pressure anymore.


Lets be proud of our choices

Lets be proud of our progress

Lets be proud of our Recovery

Lets be proud of our gorgeous group