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Dear Treasure Box/Body…

By January 30, 2018June 24th, 2022No Comments


Written by Happy Hiker


Dear Treasure Box,

It has taken me a couple of months to sit down and write this. I liked the idea when Jacqueline mentioned it but I am unsure where to begin so here it goes….

Firstly, I am grateful for all you do for me…..

  • Thank you for sticking with me over the years and not giving up on me
  • Thank you for continuing to breath every day
  • Thank you for trusting me and letting me in
  • Thank you for slowing down and using my senses
  • Thank you for allowing me to relax, silence my mind and enjoy my own company.
  • Thank you for my strong immune system – I rarely get sick anymore
  • Thank you for my mental strength and resilience
  • Thank you for allowing me to experience true love and happiness with Damian and Tia.
  • Thank you for letting me experience beautiful music like James Blunt and watch amazing movies like The Greatest Showman.
  • Thank you for allowing me to enjoy head massages in the hair dressers- such a sensational experience
  • Thank you for allowing me to smell my beautiful candles.
  • Thank you for my beautiful open mind (Diamond) and the ability to master my thoughts in a constructive way
  • Thank you for helping me make decisions
  • Thank you for learning and evolving every day
  • Thank you for my positive attitude
  • Thank you for my creative flair – I enjoy exploring this talent
  • Thank you for giving me signals when I am hungry, full, tired, in pain or when I need to get out and stretch the legs.
  • Thank you for switching off at night and sleeping.
  • Thank you for allowing me to feel real emotion – I am no longer numb
  • Thank you for tasting delicious food and experimenting with different ingredients
  • Thank you for laughter and allowing me to connect with people
  • Thank you for my Ability
  • Thank you for my uniqueness
  • Thank you for exposing me to nature & experiencing free moments in the Botanic Gardens

2018 Goals:

  • I want to be body and mind connected…i.e. feel comfortable in my body and around food
  • I want to eat and move without having a personal agenda
  • I want to be content regardless of my size/weight
  • I want to accept my body and stop trying to change it
  • I want to feel wholesome
  • I want to be proud of my body
  • I want to enjoy eating and moving (Not Punishment)
  • I want to embrace sex & be present
  • I want to be comfortable dancing
  • I want to be free in my body and let go
  • I want to walk with confidence
  • I want to stand in front of a room and feel body confident
  • I want to appreciate what I have
  • I want to own my dress sense & be brave
  • I want to improve flexibility
  • I want to be present
  • I want you to give me a child one day
  • I want to promote a healthy body image
  • I want to be honest with you
  • I want to trust this process
  • I want to be assertive & value my self- care
  • I want to love you … I will start by respecting you and listening to you.

What I want to get rid of…..

  • Jeopardising our relationship when I feel insecure, sad, stressed, doubtful or tired
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Feelings of embarrassment and shame
  • Constant criticism & negative self – talk
  • Letting my size dictate my self -worth
  • Eating very quickly without tasting or chewing
  • Comparing you to others
  • Insecurity and body consciousness during sex and dancing
  • Tagging certain foods as good or bad
  • Obsession with food / size
  • Valuing thinness

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. I always thought you were the enemy but I am ready to work with you and be your friend, your best friend!

I am looking forward to working as a team. Let’s do this together!

#together #listen #respect #teamwork #goteam #trust


Happy Hiker x