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Dear Future Me

By November 25, 2022No Comments



Written by Karolina


Dear Future Me!


I would like to share this letter. It comes from my heart and it’s very much where I am atm. Accepting those monsters inside me and giving them love and the only motivation which comes in my future self and possibility of having the life of my dreams. I released lots of emotions while typing it and I feel lighter 🙂
I remember once you told me to write something and I was thinking “what is the point” but it’s actually fun and I have a lot to offer.

How are you?

How are you feeling right now?

Are you there where you always wanted to be?

Did you free yourself? Did you find your purpose?

Okey… tell me if you have at least one dog? Did you create a family?

Are you on your own? Are you content how your life feels right now?

Did you stop hiding??


Whenever you are I hope you are safe and at peace. I have faith that you dropped those bags you carried almost all your life filled with shame, guilt, doubt, judgment, .…ok let me reparse that,  those bags of bullshit on the way??

That you let go of them completely, melt them away. Hope stories in your head are a lighter right now.


Today I wanted to reach out to you as sometimes my actions are preventing me to meet you. Sometimes I feel like I don’t believe that you exist. But how can I know and who am I to take your dreams away from you?


Dear Future Me let me tell you that I am here for you. Even if I don’t believe in Your existence yet. I will play the game of believe.

Today I am willing to release those self-limiting beliefs because deep inside my heart, my soul under all the layers of self-doubt there is love. There is love to you My Future Self.




Yes…I love You.


Today I choose to believe.

I know that every day will be different till I meet you but I will continue believing.

Dear Future Me I’m coming J

It will take a little time to burry those bags (yaa know) but hold on there!

Loving Karolina x