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Day At The ED Beauty Parlour

By January 24, 2019June 26th, 2022No Comments


Written by Dr. Tarek 

A lot of people that have Eating Distress are thinking they will look more beautiful with weight loss. I have summarised all the figure changes offered by your illness.

Welcome to the supreme ED make over.

You will receive a total make over by your condition for your whole body:

The face
As an addition to your natural beauty you will get
Eye make over
A nice black /purple circles /bags complemented with thinning eye lashes from B12 deficiency
A fabulous new hair do, we will take away the beautiful shine off your hair and do a fair bit of thinning of your hair
We guarantee with the ED look to give you a silo complexion, plenty of face lines and lanugo facial hair complement from liver failure, dehydration and vitamins deficiency
Why not indulge yourself with angular stomatitis (fissuring of the angle of the mouth), ulcerating tongue (from B12 and iron deficiency) and acetone breath from very low sugar levels some times mixed with a bad foetor from acid regurgitation from constant vomiting.
Your fabulous neck with bulging tendons from loss of adipose tissue, is only completed with the swollen glands from vomiting and recurrent infection of the throat and sinuses due to low immune system
Flash your prominent ribs complemented by flat chest
Eating distress order will guarantee you hairy, silo coloured dry arms with blue hands or totally white fingers from severe circulation disorders. This will come with plenty of muscle wasting
We offer you a nice hunch in your back courtesy to osteoporosis
Enlarged liver causing protruding abdomen, very dry skin perfected with plenty of stretch marks and loose skin
As a bonus you will enjoy recurrent kidney infections, and as time passes by, urinal incontinence
Ladies you don’t have to worry about periods and the hustle of tampons, you will also be able to relax knowing that your fertility has been decreased significantly
The eating distress will give you an unique social life, you will enjoy the company of your negative and self-destructive thoughts and worry about food and figure, and you will isolate yourself from distractions like boyfriends and friends and live in total isolation

All this is offered to you and more by the eating distress.

IT IS A BAD DEAL. Help is available.

Make different choices – wellbeing and health…. You can do it!!!!


Dr. Tarek  Zourob LRCP & SI, BCH, MD& NUI, MICGP