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How to become Body-Mind Connected

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Body Mind Connection – A Life Long Friendship

Becoming body-mind connected is like creating a lifelong friendship that will always be there for us if we treat it right. These are the steps towards creating and nourishing this beautiful friendship :

Learn: Do we REALLY know how the body works? Do we know just how hard it works in order to keep us going? Do we see that it has fought for us even when we wanted to give up. It is important that we learn about our body, and just how intelligent it is. Today let’s start learning about our treasure box (our body), our organs, their functions and what we actually need them for. Let’s ask ourselves what they can provide us with, in order to help us want to look after it.

Respect : Look at how our body has fought to still keep us here, fighting and defending, even in times that we were really mean to it. Let’s give our body the respect it deserves and appreciate the pain it has gone through – Guilt is a luxury we cannot afford, so lets transfer guilt to ACTION and begin nourishing our treasure box today.

Give it a Chance : In condition, we often look for instant gratification and change. Our body has been hurt and it too is building up trust with us. The best way to grow trust is by taking action and giving it a chance.

Love is shown by Actions not just Words : Do we want dreams? Do we want a bright future? Do we want things to be different in the future? What actions are we taking TODAY to express this? Love needs to be shown, not just spoken about. Lets join our kind words with a freedom action and get excited for tomorrow TODAY :)

Feeling uncomfortable? Most reconciliation from a long time of confrontation is going to feel uncomfortable, but the more you commit the sooner your pain will be healed and the sooner you will be FREE.

The journey of building a friendship between Body and Mind can be a challenging one at times, but after taking the risk and giving it a chance, you are stepping into true strength and internal security.

This beautiful relationship is waiting for you and you too deserve to embrace it :)