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Beware The Chameleon

By April 25, 2019June 23rd, 2022No Comments



I am a parent of our fully recovered daughter from an eating disorder/eating distress, and what a great place we have being in for a couple of years now. I am prompted to write this as I am concerned about new trends, well at least trends that appear new to me.

I live on the coast and regularly take a stroll along the sea front promenade. I love doing this in both stormy weather and sunshine.

I have noticed that some of those on the promenade are not really aware of their surroundings. I have been involved in sport at different levels throughout my life. Most enjoyable, and hugely beneficial. Some of my lifelong friends I met through sport. So I am all for sport for the right reasons. My concerns are that some of the people that I meet on the promenade are not jogging/running for the enjoyment, actually they are doing so much harm to their bodies by the continuous pounding on the concrete. This is only part of my concern, the other big concern is the “ Healthy, Clean Eating”concept/obsession. Mix these two together and anyone can see the problem.

So where does my friend the chameleon come in. Just imagine Sir David Attenborough speaking in his whispering voice as the chameleon appears on screen. “At first glance this little lad looks so cute with his bulging rotating eyes, and his ability to change to all colours of the rainbow. But be very aware, behind this cuteness lies a LETHAL KILLER. One lash of its very far reaching tongue, can mean instant death to its prey. Sound familiar?

So parents, beware of the eating distress/eating disorder camouflaged as a sport, or obsessive, so called clean/healthy eating program, it maybe something more sinister. If you see this I would raise your concerns with a professional. Not making a mountain out of a mole hill, but prudent to check it out. I am glad that we got the proper help. Now we all walk the same promenade, and enjoy both the stormy/and sunny times.