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A Recovered Life

By January 22, 2023No Comments


Written By Audrey

Sitting at my kitchen table on the 22nd of January 2023, I think of how far I’ve come.

A long way, through many twists and turns, over many hills and obstacles, through stormy and sunny days.  Through all of those, I’m not sure I really believed I’d get here.

I did the work, I read, I journaled, I did all the recommended things, and still, I’m not sure I believed I’d get here.

Even though I was rooting for myself and wanting recovery, that voice was there still, reminding me that maybe I wouldn’t get there.  That I wasn’t able, wasn’t good enough, wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, deserving enough, sick enough, working hard enough.

The funny thing is, that all the time that I was doing the work, journaling, working on myself, practicing self-care and learning about myself and my body, what I didn’t realise was that I was growing, evolving to become my true self, and that the voice that fills my head with heaviness and darkness was actually there less, quieter.

Sometimes I still hear it, but now I don’t listen for very long. I imagine a mean girl on my shoulder and I “politely” 😉 tell her to go away.

She’s never around for too long anymore. I expect that she’ll continue to pop her head and voice into my present from time to time, but now I ignore her and tell her to go away.

I’ve more important things to do

Love Audrey xx