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A Note To My Body

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Written by Aoife


A Note To My Body


Dear Body,

We have come a long way in our recovery journey, thank you! We both want the same goal- Freedom, so let’s start working more consistently on our relationship. It is by no way perfect (is any relationship?) but there is room for improvement. I promise to practice being patient, listening, respecting & honouring your needs. Please continue to give me the signs and signals.

Let’s set our intentions every morning and re- frame the negativity!

Let’s communicate!

Can we promise to check in regularly and connect throughout the day?

Let’s move, let’s hydrate, let’s stretch, let’s eat, let’s breath, let’s touch!

Smell that perfume. Light that candle. Spray that room spray- awaken our senses!

Let’s look for colour & beauty!

Look up at the sky, see the birds and the trees!

Let’s dance to the music!

Let’s walk with pride- shoulders back chest out! We have nothing to hide

Listen to the children laughing!

Listen to each other!

Let’s eat slowly & mindfully. Tell me what you would like? How does that Taste? describe the Texture? Take your time!

Buy the flowers- we deserve it!

Laugh out loud!

Let’s trust one another!

Let’s support one another & be gentle!

Let’s share our successes and victories!

Let’s reach out & touch, kiss & caress!

Nothing feels better than a hot shower

Let’s reflect in the evening!

Let’s practice the language of freedom!

Rest and go to bed in a mist of lavender!

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. We can be real role models for people around us.

Let’s get up show up & make an effort!

Thank you. I am so grateful for my health and my ability – that is most important!

Love you,

Aoife xxxx