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Taste the Life

By June 1, 2018June 24th, 2022No Comments


Written by Shanah

Hello everyone!

Recently I remembered a thought that occurred to me while condition had taken over.  “I wish I didn’t have taste buds so I could just eat healthily and lose weight.”  At the time, I thought this was a completely reasonable thought.  Now, I’m a little shocked.  I just came back from a wonderful vacation in South Korea where I got to try all these new foods and try wonderfully different (and sometimes scary!) types of food.
Would I really want to deprive myself of arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures just to lose some weight?
What am I valuing?
Late night fast food runs after a night out, sweet ice cream on a hot summers day, trying a flavor you never knew existed and loving it, trying a flavor you never knew existed and hating it, eating your favorite comfort food time and time again, sharing food with friends and delighting in the flavor.. that is what I value over my weight.
People remember you for the things you did, the person you were, not the weight you are.
Value experience over size.
Value kindness, passions, goals, and friends over size.
Value life over size.
Love Shanah