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Let It All Go

By July 21, 2017June 24th, 2022No Comments

Written by Yvonne

I wrote this poem that I’d like to share. It’s from the point of view of the place between Recovery and Freedom. In writing it I think I was finding it challenging to manage moments of strong negativity where I’d beat myself up with the ‘I know better’ or even ‘I should know better, I should be able to fix this feeling’.  I’ve found in those moments that I need to stop myself and often write my way out of it. I think it reminded me to reconnect to my tools, watch my language and ultimately reaffirm my own strength in my recovery. I think also it made me realise the choices towards freedom, in that we’ll still have negativity in our lives but we can choose whether or not we open the door to it.
Here it is anyway,


Let It All Go

Maybe I need to write,

In an attempt to fight the plight

Of this distressing waterfall,

the thief of my positive wherewithal

Awash with questions, drowned in fears

An unwarranted cacophony of flowing tears..


Maybe I need to stop.

I definitely need to stop –

To remember, to reconnect

To realise the ill effect of my neglect

Of my knowledge, of my work, of my state of mind

Of all the answers I know how to find

I closed my eyes to what I need

Instead embracing negativity; a feed – of my fears, amplified and on repeat,

I need, to stop.

To reconnect and to reflect

And remind myself to respect

My journey enough to not subject myself to this any more.

I am better than this.

Belonging instead in bliss, in the radiant smiling me

The one that can always see the good,

The good in everything – including me,

Ready to be entirely free.


I need to let it all go.

To uncover and release

Each and every limiting belief,

That restricts my capacity to grow,

That has kept any of my progress slow, interrupting my freedom’s flow –

It’s all got to go.


In writing I can see that what I need is to finally lock up that destructive door,

Because I know that thinking is not part of me, anymore.