You’re Living Now, Not 20 Years In The Future!

Written by Ciara

While I was out with a few friends today, one of the girls realised that we’ve known each other almost a year and this simple realisation had a real ripple effect on me as I later began to think about the passage of time.

By living life in the moment as often as possible, by allowing the challenging times to come and then pass, (even though there were many times where I thought I’d be stuck in a single moment for ages!) Somehow when I wasn’t looking, while I was busy learning how to live my life how I wanted to live it, a year’s worth of moments had passed by.

While in condition, thinking about time and how quickly it passed almost always led to a huge panic about whether or not I was living my life to it’s fullest but I now realise that there is no way of living a “life half full” when recovery becomes your priority.

Your life is there for you, living is what you’re doing every second of every day and no matter what you do,see,say,think… it will all add up to your now, your future, your life, so why spend a big chunk of that time worrying about what could be instead of appreciating what is?

Imagine what would happen if you stopped trying so hard to live life to the fullest and started to live your life as you wanted to by owning your recovery, your personality and your now… I bet it sounds pretty amazing!!

When you put your recovery as your priority and when you allow life to take control of the steering wheel for a while, when you think about how you can help yourself to become more free in the present rather than worrying about what kind of person you want to be in future, that’s when you really begin to enjoy and value your life.

Often when we place something on a pedestal and see it as this one big thing that when we reach it, our lives will be complete, that thing almost always becomes totally unreachable whereas when we allow ourselves to bring balance and a value of multiple things into our lives, sometimes that thing that we put all of our time and effort into reaching before, then pops up when we aren’t even looking for it!

The funny thing is that when you take your focus off having to have this big astounding life, your life becomes pretty great!! Focusing on and worrying about the future will give you a lot of stress and pressure, allowing yourself to enjoy your life in this moment will give you amazing material to reflect on when you realise that an entire year has gone by!

So live now, the future will happen later on 😃
Ciara 😃