Worry: Never Borrow Sorrow From Tomorrow

’Worry is like a rocking chair, both s you something to do, but neither gets you anywhere.’ (American proverb)

How often do we hear this? But do we listen?

It is not as easy as it looks. Worry is second nature to us when we have a problem with food. We worry even if we have nothing to worry about, we are so good at it that we do it unconsciously, and we do it well.

Constant worry about eating or not eating, exercising or relaxing, being liked or disliked what has worry ever solved. The answer is a big NOTHING. If anything, worry has never given us anything except a lot of anxiety, which feeds our condition and keeps it alive.

The single most important part of recovery is learning to live in the present moment. We do not know what it going to happen, and worrying about it saps what little energy we have left. This is energy we could be using to make the best out of the present moment.

Proverbs, like the one at the top of this page, could be very helpful if we anchored them in our minds.

Today find out more old proverbs, and sayings, and learn to use them for your recovery. Maybe even get yourself a little notebook, and write them down, and read over them from time to time.

These small things may appear insignificant, but they go to make up the rungs on the ladder to recovery.

Affirmation for today: I use other people’s wisdom to my advantage.