When To Stop And Slow Down…


Written by Shiva

I have always struggled with this . I would not be able to stop until the list was completed and I would have a list as long as my elbow for the following day. Post it’s and calendar’s and diaries with events, appointments and stuff to do.
I know it has to do with the perfectionist streak in me and the anxious feeling that bubbles deep inside that I can’t rest until I have completed my day.  I do believe society has contributed to this as well although.
We live in a society which values busyness. Working over time , being seen at the parties ,updating your instagram to say you’ve eaten in the best restaurants or going to the latest gigs , fitting in your fitness class and all while working a 40 hour week . Oh and can we fit a relationship in there?! Oh and let’s not forget the rents lads as you know they will be ringing you asking where you have been and when will you be coming over for the Sunday roast..
No wonder people burn out , we are trying to be the best at everything and be everywhere at the one time.
It has gotten to the point my friends have to schedule me in to their busy schedule a week in advance?!!! What is going on.
I realize I was getting frustrated lately as I was finding myself being pulled into a vicious cycle of busyness . I was leaving no time for myself to just be , to have zero plans and to spend time on my own hobbies.
The frustration was building as I wasn’t releasing my creative energies and nurturing myself.
I was hiding away in silly tasks that were not feeding me positively and I was doing things because I felt I “should”..
The days were passing and my irritability was growing and I felt I had no control over life until I realized it was my attitude and choices getting me all flustered.
Once I made a decision to step off that wheel and onto the path of slowing down everything felt a lot lighter and easier.
My mind and body started to free up as soon as I started to listen to what my soul wanted and needed.
Life is not about ticking things off it is about enjoying the small moments and once you slow down you can really notice them
I realize that maybe I do not want to see anyone for a week and be a hermit. That it is ok to stay in on a Friday night and do a face mask and a hair mask and read your book.
Or maybe put on some music and start sketching or painting.
I also finally had the time to sit down and write this post lol !
It is all about balance , I am not saying to cut off society lol but to have a balance of you time and then time for your friends and socializing . No point going out if your spending the whole time thinking about being elsewhere!
On some contemplation I thought of several tips to combat this awful disease called busyness !
1. Affirmations > “It is ok , I have plenty of time. It can wait until tomorrow”
2. Have a day where you do what you would like , not what “you have to do” . Maybe go to a class or a gallery or your favorite place for lunch.
3. Ask yourself do you really want to do it or do you feel like you “should” before saying yes to everything.
4. Switch off the phone for an hour or two , emails and texts can wait a while.
5. Go be with Nature ! Take a stroll with the autumn leaves and breathe in fresh air.
6. Spend time with your hobbies !
7. Watch a film or read your book!
8. Meditate using the Headspace or Calm App , really helps to slow down the mind and body.
9. Have a pamper session with face masks and body scrubs or paint your nails.
10. Have a laugh , life is not about getting everything done , it is about enjoying every moment and appreciating what we have.
I just thought I would share this with you , I hope it makes sense and puts a smile on your face.. I asked people in work today “Guys do you ever feel like going home and getting into pyjamas and being a hermit?” “OMG all the time “.. So I guess I am not alone 🙂
Power to the cozy wintery evenings of tea and tranquility 😉