What’s My Perception of Beauty?

Written by Starlight 

Lately I’ve been guilty of criticising my appearance and it’s led me to not feel very attractive in myself. I noticed myself becoming brainwashed by the environment I placed myself in by looking on Instargram, Facebook and social media. By looking at all these images of different people, celebrities etc… and being told what is ‘beautiful’,

It made me a bit blinded to my own beauty! So I’ve decided to question and answer back these thoughts!

Beauty is not only the physical that you see of people. When I think of people that I believe are the most beautiful people I know it’s not because they look like they’ve stepped out of a magazine, it’s because of how they hold themselves, what they believe in, their uniqueness, their values, their love of life!!

So this week I set myself a little experiment – searching for what I think makes people beautifulJ

My main learning has been just how beautiful humanity is!

For me beauty is:

  • When someone is smiling or laughing uncontrollably
  • People sharing their passions and interests
  • Someone not being afraid to ask for help or advice
  • Helping others
  • Honesty
  • When someone walks into a room and its automatically brighter
  • Being kind and interested in other people
  • When someone’s face lights up when they’re talking about something they are interested in
  • Vulnerability, admitting defeat but having the strength to pick them self-up and try again!
  • Courage to do what they want without the fear of what others think holding them back!
  • Determination and going after what they want
  • Ambition- people allowing themselves to dream and have goals
  • Sense of humour
  • People stopping on the street to small talk – connection!
  • Random acts of kindness!
  • Authenticity- people having their own opinions, uniqueness
  • People being unapologetically themselves
  • Someone being able to laugh at themselves when they mess up.
  • People being able to just sit with themselves and read, watch a movie etc without thinking oh I should be anywhere else- its show people at peace J
  • When someone doesn’t look perfect- e.g just coming in from the rain soaked to the bone with frizzy hair, or someone’s face going red cause they just ran for the bus – nobody can be perfect all the time and its little things like this that make us alive! It sounds funny now but I used to get so embarrassed and annoyed at myself if my face went red or I sweated on a hot day or something but now I see it as oh I’m alive, I’m feeling something and for that I am grateful!

To quote one direction ‘That’s what makes you beautiful’

These are all the values and qualities I find beautiful in people. I want to move away from the superficial idea of beauty in my head and start to believe in my own beauty for who I am as a person!

The most beautiful people I know are those that are unapologetically themselves, live life by their own terms (whether this be wearing whatever clothes they like to making decisions thinking of themselves first) and are kind and have compassion for others.