Recovery Now – Slow down

‘Gentle flow rather than speed.’

(Kazuaki Tanashi)

Slow down

‘’I need to lose weight!’’

‘’I need to do this now!’’

‘’I have so much to do and so little time.’’

When we have an Eating Distress we have a tendency to act from a sense of urgency, and then we are very hard on ourselves if we make a mistake. We always feel things have to be done immediately, we cannot wait or otherwise we would miss the opportunity. Our impulses are constantly putting pressure on us to act immediately.

As we move more towards awareness, growth and recovery, we notice that most of these impulsive messages are coming from our negative mind.

When we rush we are building more anxiety and we therefore increase the likelihood of having a relapse.

Today allow yourself to take time with everything you do.

Give plenty of time to every action you take, and you will see that when you go about things the gentle way the quality will be markedly improved.

The same goes for your recovery.

Gently, steady, and safely is the way to go.


From ‘Recovery Now’ – 365 Daily Tips to help you to free yourself from ED, available on line from homepage 


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