Watt Does Recovery Mean For Me?

Written by Elephant Juice

For me, recovery means regaining the power over my own thoughts, actions and life. I want to be a powerful person and to enrich the lives of those around me. To practice the art of simplicity lets break down power. The definition of power is the amount of work done divided by the time taken to carry out said work (work done over time taken). I find this an interesting concept as each day I can calculate how much Watts of power I have given to my recovery and compare that to the Watts given to condition and it’s behaviours. For example, I attended group this morning, thus increasing my power watts today. As I write this I’m having a snack with a lovely cuppa tea, again increasing my recovery Wattage. I do not use my condition power calculation to judge myself but rather as an information, a motivation… a recovery tool.

Physics has a way of sneaking it’s way into my recovery in such wonderful ways and has actively helped fill my recovery toolbox .For instance, that other day I was thinking about the friction that is caused when you rub two objects together. I started imagining the two objects as my own thoughts, and my conditions thoughts rubbing against each other generating friction. In order to reduce friction a lubricant is needed and in my case my recovery is my lubricant, helping to alleviate the mental friction caused by conflicting thoughts. Another tool for the toolbox.

My final physics based recovery tool came to me when thinking about Newtons Laws, specifically the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. This law states that energy can not be lost or gained but can only be transferred from one type to another.. As I sit here, my body is busy digesting my snack (chemical energy) to potential energy. We all have heaps of potential energy and we all have to choose what we do. Do I chose to hold on to my potential energy, to procrastinate on how to use it,? What to use it on? What the consequences of using it may be? Or, do I take a risk? Do I take action? Do I convert all of my potential energy into kinetic energy and move on with my recovery. We all have the power within us to control how we utilise our energy.

I think it’s now clear that I enjoy science, dare I say I love science. When I think about science there is little room in my head for anything else. However, I am aware that not everyone shares my passion for science, but you do not have to. Find out what you love. Get lost in it. Use it to fill your recovery toolbox and utilise those tools to regain your power. That’s Watt recovery is all about anyway ( Okay, enough of the puns now I promise).

Elephant Juice