Walking to Freedom in Your New Shoes


Would you say that Recovery from Eating Distress is like a new pair of shoes?

You see them in the show window, you admire them so much and you want them. You can see them on the other people and you would like them for yourself. You save and decide to buy them. The next day you wear them all day.

What is going to happen? Your feet will get so sore and full of blisters. You did not expect this. The shoes looked so comfortable when you did see them in the window. And now your feet are so sore, you are experiencing lots of pain….

Time, healing time… Solutions, for what do we have plaster?

Yes, it is like in Recovery. Instead giving out to yourself that you bought the wrong shoes, you focus on solutions instead. You will take few plasters and allow your feet to heal. The next time you will take step by step, one by one, you will take it slowly. You will give the shoes chance to build up relationship with your feet. They need time to get use to one another.

You still love the shoes, and the more you get use to them, the more comfortable they will feel and you can walk the road to Freedom faster and faster… and you can enjoy it more and more….

You break in your shoes just like you break in your Recovery.

Enjoy the walk to Freedom, step by step….