Values In Recovery


Written by Shanah 

About a year ago, I went to group therapy at Marino for the first time and started the wonderful, beautiful, tiring, rewarding journey that is Recovery.  I went back home to the United States in May but recovery remains on my mind and one lesson that has stuck with me is “what do you value?”  I was making an Instagram post a few weeks ago because it had been a year since I went abroad.  My post, a beautiful image of my friend next to a lake, turned into this drama about how I had a really tough semester because of my ED and after spending probably a half hour rewriting the caption to perfection, I realized I was still valuing hardship.  I deleted it. I don’t want people to feel bad for me; I want them to rejoice with me and my progress.

So I’ve decided to write about what I’ve valued since recovery.  I value late nights with friends filled with hilarious games, videos, and laughter that bursts out of you.  I value mid-day naps because sometimes, you need it and sometimes, you just deserve it.  I value talking to my parents often and saying I love you every time we get off the phone.  I value showers where I’m not afraid to touch my tummy and I enjoy the self-care of cleaning myself.  I value not “starting over” every time condition makes me feel bad, but knowing it’s all a part of Recovery. I value my new group of friends who are inclusive and sassy, funny and imperfect.  I value “missing” work outs because I just don’t want to and I’m tired.  I value only working out when I’m feeling empowered and strong from it and not from trying to work something off.

There a lot of things I’m working towards valuing as well: Such as my own loyalty as a friend, my tummy as much as any other girl’s tummy, my time, my creativity..

I hope we all continue to work on what we value 🙂 and I’m thinking of all of you and our sessions together 🙂

Love from the US,