How Do We Turn Our Knowledge Into Recovery Action?

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask, act! Your action will define you. Thomas Jefferson.

Present moment awareness knowledge is one thing and the practice is another. Dalai Lama

Wanting to recover is the beginning of growth, but intentions are often not enough. We need to put our theories and our knowledge into action to see results.

Action is the magic word that gets our recovery process, moving foreword. ‘Fake it until you become’, ‘Do something even if you are scared’. It could be more helpful then constantly asking and looking for ‘whys’.

Action helps us to feel in control, inaction makes us feel frustrated, anxious, agitated and empty and foster self-pity. In recovery we need to make our vision a reality. Often we are waiting until we get motivated, the reality is that by taking a suggested recovery action we become motivated. It is only when we begin to take recovery action that our recovery can begin.

Here are few suggestions to get you started:)

  • Gather knowledge about Recovery
  • Think often about what you would like to do
  • Journal your learning and discovery
  • Visulise what you want to achieve
  • Share your learning
  • Value your learning
  • Practice repetition and reassurance
  • Let go of all excuses
  • Break tasks into the small steps
  • Include your ideas in to your routine
  • Challenge your fears
  • Daily set time for reflections
  • Look at times in your Recovery where these actions were already applied
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Remind yourself what your values are
  • Value integrity
  • Use words ‘when’ instead ‘if’ or ‘why’
  • Keep your thinking simple
  • Ask yourself what will be easy instead what will be hard
  • How will I benefit from doing it
  • Give yourself credit for every small step

Use these questions:

What did I learn today?

What did I do well today?

What will I do differently next time?