Training Day for Guidance Counsellors & Teachers

Yesterday we were privileged to have teachers and guidance counsellors from all parts of Ireland, from Donegal to Cork, attend our training day on how to deal with Suicide, Self Harm, and Eating Disorders in the the School Environment.

To all that attended, a big thank you for your interest and input. Our children will benefit from  your continued will to learn, and help. 

MTC team


Training Day for Guidance Counsellors & Teachers

Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders in the School Environment 

At Marino Therapy Centre we see how schools can have a very important and positive role to play when helping guide someone to full freedom. We also see that Teachers and Guidance Counsellors are being faced with students suffering from Self Harm and Suicidal thoughts more and more. Having understanding of such a complex issue can save many lives. This condition is a reactions to our society and with society changing so fast we believe it is very important to be updated with how to deal with the forever changing challenges that arise is our schools. As part of ‘Marino Therapy Centre School Initiative Project M.S.I.P.’, our centre is running a Training Day for Teachers and Guidance Counsellors on How to Deal with Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders in the School Environment on Monday 13th March 2017. 

Main points covered on the day will be:

  • Understanding Self Harm, Suicide and Eating Disorders
  • Application of Psycholinguistic Motivational Model
  • Skills for managing and assessing Self Harm and Suicide
  • Effective Tools for Dealing with Obesity
  • How to use Nutrition to Enhance Positive Mental Health
  • Questions & Answers


Date: Monday 13th March 2017

Time: 9.30am to 4.00pm

Price: €130 (Lunch included)

Venue:  Skylon Hotel, Upper Drumcondra Rd, Dublin 9

Limited places available

To book your place contact our office on 01 857 69 01 or email us at marinotherapycentre@gmail.com