Things That Have Lifted My Spirit The Past Weeks


Written by Linda

I decided to reflect back on some amazing things that have really lifted my spirits the past few weeks and decided to share on the chance they might put a smile on somebody else’s face.

  1. The Greatest Showman.

This movie blew me away it is the most magical, feel good movie I have seen in a LONG time. I have not stopped listening to the sound track all week on my Spotify and it has made me so relaxed and happy. If you have a free evening this week I would highly recommend going to see it, you won’t be disappointed J

  1. Holly Butcher’s life lessons.

I came across this on Facebook during the week. Holly who sadly passed away from cancer who wasn’t much older than I am.

She wrote down all her life lessons and highlighting the important things in life. She wanted to share with the world and I thought they might help put things in perspective, as I know they certainly have for me. I have copied the post below:

  • How to be motivated in Recovery for 2018 and my want for Recovery 🙂

I attended the workshop that was held in Marino and got sooo many learnings and felt really motivated leaving that I thought I would share some of things that we learned and hope to turn our hopes and dreams into reality by firstly applying an action plan. Some of the things I wrote down on my action plan for 2018 are:

  • My want to recover – But first I really needed to think what it means to recover and how am I going to get there. It is a word that I feel sometimes I misunderstand and need to keep looking and working on the definition at the different stages of my recovery journey.

So for now my action to recover is to start really believing and applying all the theory that I have learned and putting it into action, not putting it off or saying I will do it tomorrow.

  • This means doing less talking and more doing and healing the relationship with my body to have more balance, comfort and energy.

The most important part and one I am going to make more of a conscious effort to do is enjoy the journey and make it more fun. Become excited about learning finding and learning so much about myself and who I really am not the mask we have tried to hide behind for so long J

My new year’s resolution, which I have broken down into 12 one for each month of the year. I have decided that as a priority is my recovery but also things that will help me along the way so when I look back in December 2018 I can see how far I have come. Things I am hoping to achieve are:

  1. More fun, doing one fun thing a month. We are planning on going to Sligo next weekend. I have never been there before.
  2. Getting excited about the small things as well as the big things.
  3. Appreciate what I do have and not always pushing for more or racing to the next thing. Forgetting what it took to get there in the first place.
  4. Book a massage once a month. I always feel amazing after having a massage and really feel the benefits in my body.
  5. Join a new yoga class which I start next Thursday. This is something I used to do and found it REALLY helped both my body and mind.
  6. Go to the cinema I love the cinema and find I can concentrate more in the cinema then when I am at home. This helps slow the mind down and puts my attention onto something else.
  7. Social media, this is the year of the detox ha-ha. If it doesn’t serve me or make me feel good about myself “see ya” I just don’t want to waste anymore of my precious time on it.
  8. Travel, travel and more travel this makes my belly roar with excitement. It is something that I have a great passion for and makes me feel amazing. I have realised the impact the sun has on my moods, so I need to get more of it this year J
  9. Get out more and move my body. I have the most scenic walks around where I live and find my day is a lot more productive when I get out in the fresh air and leave my phone at home and see and hear everything that is going on around me. Using all the senses.
  10. Baths, I would like to have more baths. I got some LUSH bath bombs for Christmas that really smell and make amazing colours in the water. I would highly recommend.
  11. Journal more and attend at least one group a week. This always makes me feel so much better when I leave and motivated to work on something new that I need to make the conscious decision to attend more.
  12. Last but not least I want to live by this “work to live, don’t live to work”. This one I really need to learn balance with and letting go of the fears and control 🙂