The Power Within


Written by Sweet-beat

Equilibrium is a state of dynamic balance in which the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. In early stages of condition I believed that life balance was at the core of recovery and freedom and by not achieving this state of balance was a sign that I was falling further behind in my journey.

Now, I can appreciate that thus ‘ideal’ state of balance is unrealistic and can create more unhappiness and discontentment. The recovery journey teaches you how to deal with external forces that exert a stress on the system and realise that it is through these experiences that we unravel condition and discover much more about the person within. It is not the problem but the solution that is relevant and important.

Our attitude is a major factor in how we approach life. To be kind to oneself and remove the unnecessary pressure that condition creates is one of the most important tools we possess. A positive attitude and curious mind-set can diminish condition’s nagging, turning it into a silent whisper that is blown away in the next gust of wind. Power is the rate at which work is done, therefore the more work we to benefit recovery the less time it will take to discover the potential you have beyond the negativity.

Life is for living, not for maintaining a balance that can realistically never be maintained to the extent that condition demands. It is much more exciting to recognise the forces (e.g the colours and smell of flowers, the kind deeds done by others) around us that shift our mindset in an alternative direction.

Who can argue with science, right?