What About Taking Risk in Your Recovery?

‘There is perhaps nothing so bad and, so dangerous in life as fear.’ (J. Nehru )

We know we need to make changes in our life, but very often we are afraid to take the next step because it feels too risky. Fear and worry are our biggest barriers. We are worrying about the consequences of risk taking without even knowing what they are.

What is the worst that can happen to you? What are you afraid of? That people will not like you if you say ‘no’? Do you think people will laugh at you? Do you think you are going to fail? Are you afraid you could be rejected?

We need to learn to ask ourselves all these questions and then we realise that taking calculated risks are a necessary part of recovery, without it, it is impossible to change. Only then do we have a chance to get what we want.

Learn to take a risk, and feel confident about it.

Today I am free of fear.