Stamp Out The Snakes


‘Patience can conquer destiny’ (Old Irish proverb )

For hundreds of years the world has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday is an annual event that grows bigger every year, and is highlighted by countless parades and parties, and glittering celebrations that bring so many people of so many different races, religions and countries together in a carnival atmosphere that continues on for days.

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

One of the reasons that St. Patrick is so revered in Ireland is because he is reputed to have rid our island of snakes.

When we have an Eating Distress, all our negativity creeps up around us like a snake that is ready to choke all the positivity and life out of us. All our feelings of self worth and self-confidence, and self-awareness are slowly strangled until there is nothing left but sadness, insecurity, loneliness and negative feelings.

Make today the day when you mentally stamp out the snake that is ruining your life. Make today the day when your life is set free from this strangling influence.

Focus on the feelings that are sapping your energy, and refuse to indulge them just for today try it and see how good you feel as a result.

Then, when you’ve experienced one day living without the demons that bite at your ankles, chances are you’ll want another.

Remember: Even St. Patrick didn’t stamp out evil in one day. Give yourself time and kill one snake a time some days you’ll kill big ones, some days little ones.

And don’t forget the most important thing of all celebrate your victory over negativity in style!

Affirmation for St.Patrick’s Day: I am winning over my negativity.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day to Everyone!