‘’What’s the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so, pack up your troubles in your old bag, and smile, smile and smile.’’ (G. Asaf)

Do you think we smile enough at one another?

Some one very smart said one day: A warm smile is a universal language of kindness. So true. Sometimes we can say more with our smile than with our words. During our illness we find it sometimes not easy to socialise with our colleagues, or even our friends. We can find ourselves in embarrassing situations when we do not know what to say. This is a very common barrier for people with Eating Distress. The good thing is that we all have an ability to smile. How do you feel when a person smiles at you? Is it nice, warm or comforting?

So do other people feel like this if you smile at them?

Smiling is the most universal human language and something that can melt every social barrier – it gives more warmth and light than electricity, so it pays to use it as often as possible.

If you do not know what to say sometimes – just smile and relax and you cannot go wrong. What’s more, you’ll make other people smile too.

Let’s look for more reasons to smile today…..

Today I smile, smile and smile….

From ‘Recovery Now’ – 365 Daily Tips to help you to free yourself from ED, available on line from homepage