Skinny latte, skinny cappuccino, skinny water, skinny chips….

Recently I was sitting in the coffee shop, enjoying my cappuccino and watching the world around. What surprised me was how many people, men and women are ordering skinny latte and low fat cappuccinos. I found this very sad. We get brain-washed so much by marketing that we forget to think for ourselves.

What does skinny milk mean?

Would we drink ordinary milk if we called it 96.5% fat free?

When I went to the supermarket I saw “skinny water” – how can we have skinny water?

Last week I walked around chipper and they were advertising “skinny chips”.

I am not listing jokes here, this is reality!

Did our brain get so “skinny” that we forgot to think for ourselves and just fellow all this experts in marketing?

We live in a skinny culture with worshiping and being controlled by the word “skinny”, maybe is time to gain some weight in properly informing ourselves and stop this brain-washing. We are told that all this is healthy – the only thing what is getting healthy is the profits of companies using these marketing strategies.

Did you know that a few years ago researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute discovered that daily consumption of full fat dairy products will lead to a reduction of obesity? They discover that full fat dairy products are more likely to keep you slim than comparable low fat foods. And you will not be deficient of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K found in these products.

According to this study researches proved as well that a glass of full fat milk every day will result in 15 percent less weight gain. But full fat cheese was an even more effective slimming product: one portion a day resulted in 30 percent less weight gain.

The startling result was based on interviews with almost 20,000 women whose dietary habits have been tracked since 1987.

I want to keep this short, I just would like to show how important it is to learn not to believe everything we are told and start to find the real knowledge and to stop depriving ourselves and our bodies.

Hope you will enjoy your cappuccino today:)