Seven Months In – Changes So Far

Written by Happy Days

I attended my first group in Marino just over seven months ago. My first therapy session didn’t come till a number of weeks later.

Since then, my life has been totally and completely transformed and I have changed so much.

I honestly find it hard to get my head around the extent of the changes when I remember back to how I was and how my life was a mere seven months ago.

Here are some of the changes in me and in my life:

  • Less body obsession.
  • Much more body-mind connected.
  • Trust that my body will be what it wants to be in time, alongside substantial and regular nourishment, and that I will accept and enjoy my body. Indeed that is already beginning to happen, along with patience for the rest of the journey.
  • Appreciation for all my body does for me.
  • Able to listen to and obey my body at meals.
  • Able to be and regularly am spontaneous.
  • No rigid planning of my days, meals etc. and able to go with the flow when necessary.
  • Eat with my family, regarding to both times and I now eat what they’re eating.
  • I can and do go out with others for dinner, lunch etc., and I no longer dictate where we go, nor do I spend days and weeks pouring over menus in advance.
  • Busy social life.
  • I now want to go out, and am so excited about going out, rather than making up excuses, mostly lies, not to.
  • So much more relaxed and less stressed.
  • My whole family are more relaxed, less stressed and are so so happy about my progress.
  • Both my family and I are so much happier.
  • Don’t worry any more; when worries come I now have lots of tools to deal with them.
  • Obsessive cleaning and cleaning rules have been all but eliminated. I am working on the last few remnants.
  • I have made my house my home.
  • Have had visitors to my home, including my family for dinner.
  • Take more pride in my appearance and make more of an effort with it.
  • Clothes no longer have power over me.
  • I’m much more confident in myself.
  • Am learning to appreciate and value myself and my uniqueness.
  • Am learning to truly believe in myself, in every aspect of myself.
  • Obsessive checking has been all but eliminated.
  • Have so much more time to do things I want to do instead of being so busy with condition and its demands.
  • Am exploring various fun ways to spend my new free time.
  • Watch films regularly, often in one go.
  • No longer drink to numb myself. Drink responsibly & moderately, and enjoy nights out so much more and remember everything!
  • People compliment me on the shine in my eyes, my improved hair and skin and notice there’s a different energy in me.
  • I have more time and willingness to help others.
  • My relationships with my family are back to what they were – my brother now has two sisters, my sister has got her sister back and my parents have got their daughter back.
  • My family can and do slag me again.
  • My family don’t worry about me any more.
  • I know I will recover and be free. I trust in the process and just do what is suggested knowing that it works and is working.
  • I’m much more flexible in every area of my life.
  • My friendships are back on track, my friends have got their friend back again.
  • I’m more assertive and confident around others.
  • I’m very proud of myself and the progress I’ve made.
  • Me and the dog are buddies again, she’s allowed into the house again and she no longer runs away when she hears my car coming, but comes over to me wagging her tail.
  • I’m no longer a slave to routines and condition’s rules.
  • No more weighing myself daily, and my day is no longer dictated by a number of a scale.
  • I can now wear a normal amount of clothes without all the layers to keep warm.
  • I’m able to be in the moment and enjoy and appreciate the moment.
  • Am much more calm and take things more in my stride.
  • I’m enjoying and feel much more able for my job.
  • There’s life, normal everyday life, in my life and in my home.
  • I’m so grateful.
  • I’m able to be present and enjoy all the opportunities and experiences I am blessed with.
  • I’m more tolerant of others.
  • I’m aware of the other areas I need to still work on, but I know I’ll get there.
  • If anything else comes to the surface I know I can take it to my therapist, deal with it, and wipe it away.
  • I now have the ability to filter out the nonsense and see nonsense for what it is.
  • Am learning to own myself, my opinions and my worth.
  • Am learning to see and understand that I am as worthy as any other person.
  • Am learning to take people down from pedestals and recognise they’re just other humans who have the same worth as I do.
  • Learning to take myself down from a pedestal in certain situations. No judgement, replace it with curiosity.
  • Get curious. You can never be bored when you approach life with curiosity.
  • Am able to embrace challenges as brilliant learning opportunities.
  • Less negative self-talk and judgement and am much more self-supportive.
  • Am so excited about my life, about being me and enjoying being me and enjoying my individuality and uniqueness and am so excited about all the opportunities and adventures my life holds from here on.
  • Knowing that I will cherish and make the most of each of those opportunities.
  • Am making plans about am so excited about them.
  • Am really enjoying spending lots of time with my family and friends and also spending time on my own and being happy and content to do so.
  • Am more accepting of things I can’t change.
  • The knowledge that challenging things that happen to me will show me how strong I am.
  • Knowing that I have the tools and the ability to deal with whatever life throws at me.
  • Am able to enjoy this happiness without fear that it won’t last. The power to make it last is within me.
  • Am more able to master simplicity.
  • Am able to refocus on the freedom choice by reminding myself that be making that choice, it’s bringing me through the gates of freedom.
  • Knowing that the discomfort of challenging condition is temporary and freedom is permanent. And that I can end the temporary discomfort whenever I choose to. The power is in my thoughts.
  • My self-talk is much more loving and supportive.
  • I hug myself before getting into bed and tell myself how well we (my Treasure Box and I) did that day.
  • Talk aloud to myself now and again, and verbalise my self-talk to highlight the distortion.
  • Take a few deep breaths and focus before each meal and visualise how I want the meal to go.
  • Use visualisation to visualise myself overcoming potential challenging situations before I place myself in the situation.
  • Have a game-plan for potential challenging situations and do preparation work beforehand.
  • Journal at least twice daily.
  • Give myself lots of credit.
  • Welcome visitor and relatives coming home from abroad instead of seeing it as an annoyance to my routine.

I feel like a butterfly discovering life and the world for the first time since my childhood. For the first time properly in my adult life.

Some of the condition thoughts and behaviours are so ingrained, they can be automatic, but all it takes is a gentle but firm reminder to myself that that’s not the way things are any more. That be choosing the Recovery choice, I am surging forward to Freedom.

I know I will get there. It’s only a matter of time. And by continuing to take action, I will get there all the quicker.

Happy Days